back to the land

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Hello friends. Before I start my blog, I'll give the mandatory bio. I'm married to the most beautiful woman in the world with one dog and no childern.

My blog will be about politics and culture-what else are blogs about? My political bent is shared by hardly anyone--I'm a back-to-the-lander, as much as one who lives in Los Angeles can be, with a dose of liberatarianism and a little nationalism mixed in.

My dislikes are: I hate people who have no sense of privacy. All you need to know about me is my above mentioned bio. I hate political correctness, the cult of victimization, group entitlements, and most of all, THE NANNY STATE!!!

My likes are: Books, growing my own food, Jeffersonian Democracy, my local coffee shop, and people. Well except the ones who like to spill their guts to me and claim membership in the victim-of-the month club.

I'm looking forward to the correspondence with my fellow bloggers; hopefully my wrtings will be food for thought.

And by the way, if anybody has gardening tips, please send them. My wife and I will be greatly appreciatve-especially on how to grow Indian Mustard in Los Angeles.